Your photo or artwork made into a beautiful

ceramic tile mural


murals on ceramic tiles

Your own beautiful photograph or painting made into a mural. We create your custom tile mural  from your photo or artwork.

Custom ceramic mural. With 20 cm x 20 cm ceramic tiles.
The size of your image must be divisible by 20 cm in width and height.

lmage resolution must be at least 150 pixels per inch.
Contact  jan@hardtex.com WhatsApp +34 660 693610 desktop video

You can use any image or photo for your personal Mural.
www.dreamstime.com www.shutterstock.com www.depositphotos.com has
millions of high resolution images.
We are happy to support you in your selection of images.
Price of the mural 500 euro per square meter.

Picking the Favorite by Giulio Rosati
Picking the Favorite by Giulio Rosati

Picking the Favourite by Giulio Rosati
60cm x 80cm. 12 ceramic tiles.
Price Euro 240 Plus installation



Sandro Botticelli the birth ofVenus 180cm x 180cm
 20 cm x 20 cm ceramic tiles
The Birth of Venus consists of 81 = 9×9 tiles
Covers an area of 3.24 square meters.
Price €20 x 81 in total 1620 euros plus assembly.


For murals we custom make each ceramic tile – one piece at a time.

Our staff pay great attention to detail and will work with you to design your perfect layout.

Our murals are used on backsplashes of the kitchen bathroom shower walls any  wall decoration.

Fusing traditional ceramic techniques with the latest digital innovations, we transfer your choice of image onto quality ceramic wall tiles.

Ideal for introducing imagery and decoration to tiled areas to create unique feature walls.

Our ceramic tiles are suitable for both homes and public spaces.

Sustainable creations made in Ayamonte Spain

Hardtex ceramic mural creations is a ARTE DE LA MODA PRINTTEX S.L. brand


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